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A range of excursions will take place during the conference.

Excursions 1 and 2 should be booked through the Registration pages.

Excursion 1: Trip to Innerpeffray Library (http://www.innerpeffraylibrary.co.uk/)

Innerpeffray is Scotland’s first free lending library. The Library and School at Innerpeffray were founded by David Drummond, 3rd Lord Madertie in around 1680. Madertie was a member of the Drummond Family, one of the most important landowning families of the area, friend and brother-in-law to James Graham, First Marquis of Montrose. Making books available to ordinary people free of charge was unprecedented. Madertie wished the library and school to benefit the community “in time coming” and, leaving them with a legacy of 5000 Scottish Merks, charged his successors with the responsibility.

The Borrowers’ Register is perhaps the Library’s most valuable book, a handwritten record all the local people to who came to choose a book, and take it home to read. Today, families from all over the world find their ancestors in the Register, often in their own handwriting, and can hold the books they borrowed.

Transport has been arranged; please meet outside the front of the Pathfoot Building.

Excursion 2: Whisky Tasting and Tour of University of Stirling’s Art Collection

After a tour of Stirling’s famous Art Collection (http://www.stir.ac.uk/artcol/) and Sculpture Trail by the knowledgeable curator, enjoy a whisky tasting brought to you by Famous Grouse (http://www.thefamousgrouse.com/) in the Crush Hall, Pathfoot Building. Delegates will enjoy:

a presentation: the history of Scotch, blending and single malt production;

an in depth nosing and tasting of four carefully chosen whiskies to stimulate your senses;

the experience of being tutored in how to distinguish the many subtle flavours and aromas found within a specially selected range of premium whiskies;

and ¬†a guided tasting of “Scotland’s Favourites”:

Glenturret 10 Year Old (Highland Malt), Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year Old (Speyside Malt), Highland Park (Island Malt), Glenrothes 1998 (Speyside Malt).

Meet at the Main Front Reception, Pathfoot Building.

Excursion 3: Film (Asta Nielsen’s Hamlet (1921), discussion and Q&A session at the macrobert theatre¬†

(on campus)

Further details to follow

Excursion 4: Self-guided trip to Stirling Castle (http://www.stirlingcastle.gov.uk/)

Delegates can make their own way to Stirling Castle (a 10-minute ride in a taxi; also possible by bus).